Please use our website in understanding each following matters. In addition, there is a case to revise without a notice depending on the need of the improvement with each matter.

About Literary property & Trademark

Literary property

An individual sentence, a photograph, a picture, music, a sound, the copyright about other books (called "contents" collectively as follows) placed on our website and our website belong to the rightful claimant of us or original work author and others. We reproduce contents unless it is accepted by other Copyright Act when We make printing or preservation for the purpose of the personal use without getting the consent of us, an original work author or other rightful claimants, and the public transmission, a modification, excision, the act reprinting to the website of the visitor hope that We have us get consent after communication beforehand because it is prohibited by Copyright Act.

In addition, cases to judge that we are inappropriate may decline the use when a portrait, a book, the trademark of the third party are included. When you use contents with our consent, please perform our designated copyright indication. Without our prior approval, We change copyright indication and cannot delete it.


A trademark, logo mark placed on our website and our website, the right about the business name belong to the owner of our or individual right. The act that uses these without getting our consent hopes that We have us get consent after communication beforehand unless it is accepted by Trademarks Act or other laws because it is prohibited by Trademarks Act.


The use of our website shall be carried out in your responsibility. About various information placed on our website, We make it carefully and manage it, but we do not guarantee accuracy of these information, usefulness, integrity at all. In addition, we do not take responsibility about a visitor having used these information or any damage that occurred by not having been able to use it at all.

We have a case to change all or a part of the information to place in our website without a notice. In addition, there is a stop or a case to stop by the use of our website.

We do not take responsibility about any damage that a visitor produced by the use of various information acquired from the website of a linking third party from our website to the website of the third party whom a link is put on or our website at all. Due to communication environment, computer environment and others of the visitor, there is the case that is not available to our websites normally.

Prohibited Matter

On the occasion of the use of our site, you shall not have to do the next act.

An act to infringe a third party and our property, a right, privacy, honor, trust, profit.
Use a harmful computer program, data or information; the transmission or an act to upload.
An act to interfere with the administration of the Web site that we manage.
An act in violation of rules having laws and ordinances and legal binding force.
An act against public order and morals. f)The act that might correspond to 前各号 or an act to be similar to these.
An act to judge that we are inappropriate other than the above.
About Links

The URL to set as a link "should be our top page" as a general rule. It is not admitted that We use a logo and the registered trademarks such as marks which we hold without permission and link. It is not accepted to link in form letting you mistake an origin of information dispatch. We may change our URL linking to, and it may be impossible to notify your site, but approve it.

The link from the applicable website is not accepted firmly next.

  • Website of an act to infringe the copyright of us or website us including the contents which We slander other companies (person), other groups and slander it, and aim at trust loss or other companies (person), the others group, the intellectual property rights such as trademarks, property, privacy or right of likeness or other rights or the website business purpose that We might infringe
  • Website (a new browser opens by all means, and, please set a link in the form that our website is displayed.) that our website is developed in a frame, and it becomes uncertain to be our contents, and may give a third party misunderstanding
  • The website that might perform sabotage of an act in violation of a law, the regulations, the laws and ordinances including the rule or public order and morals, the administration of this website service other than each item mentioned above

H&F International, Inc. owns the copyright of the contents on our website as a general rule. We decline conversion, reproduction without permission without permission. it is not accepted We convert the information in our website, and to reprint. We are not things guaranteeing the contents of the linked website about the link from our website. In addition, it is not a thing aiming at that we have a special relation with a company running a linked website or that we recommend a product, the service of those companies. In the use of the linked website, please confirm the Terms of Use of those websites, a privacy policy.